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What Clients are Saying About Neurofeedback:

"We decided to give neurofeedback a try after exhausting all other options for our son’s severe anxiety disorder.  We had literally tried everything from diet changes to medications to several different types of counseling.  We read every book we could get our hands on about anxiety and nothing that we tried seemed to help.  We were warned by another therapist that there was no ‘magic bullet’ to cure an anxiety disorder and to not get our hopes up concerning the impact of neurofeedback. 

​However, I am thrilled to report that my son is now completely free of all of his fears, besides those that are developmentally appropriate.  He too was skeptical going into this yet he is now a firm believer that neurofeedback is what made the difference for him.  Our son went from a child paralyzed by social fears and phobias to one of a normal pre-teen.  Not only has it impacted his life but it has relieved a burden from the entire family.  He can now interact with others more freely, he is more self-confident, he’s able to sleep in his own room – and in the dark! 

I must say too that our interactions with Dr. McManus were always wonderful.  His calm demeanor and presence helped make the experience very pleasant for my son.  Also as a parent it was nice to have a wise, licensed professional psychologist whom I could ask the occasional parenting question. As a parent and former teacher I wholeheartedly encourage anyone struggling with anxiety to give it a try."

Anne H. (mother of Steve H.)

"I can't believe it worked!  I used to be afraid of just about everything and now the fear is gone. It's terrible to be scared (and cold and empty) and I think anyone that feels like this should totally give it a try."

Steve H.​

"The whole neurofeedback experience has helped me in several ways.  It increased my ability to organize my professional and personal life.  It also helped me understand that my problems were not due to a lack of will power or a character defect.  It was a tremendous relief to stop blaming myself."

Tim D.​

"Due to a great deal of stress in my life I began to have panic attacks in the night.  I would wake up with my heart racing and short of breath several nights a week. Sometimes they would be related to bad dreams but often they would randomly occur. The next day after the panic attacks I would be very tired and not be able to focus on my work and feel exhausted by evening. My coping skills were strained and I was increasing irritable.

A friend of mine in the San Francisco Bay Area told me about his successful experience with EEG Neurofeedback so looked into how it works and located Dr. McManus.  In my first visit we spent time discussing my current life stressors and then spent a short time doing neurofeedback.  I commented to doing two treatments a week for a total of 20 treatments.

At first we were not successful.  After the first few treatments I would have panic attacks the same night, so Dr. McManus changed the contact points.  After about five sessions the panic attacks ended.  I still felt stressed but I was sleeping better at night.  After ten sessions the stress felt manageable and after fifteen I felt more confident about being able to handle what life brought my way.  The panic attacks are gone and I’m sleeping much better.

I’ve seen many counselors in my life but it wasn’t until I tried neurofeedback that I felt a real lasting change.  It worked for me and I hope others have the same success."

Bill P.​

"Each week I could see measurable progress in my ability to navigate the waves of sadness and anxiety that would come out of nowhere and drown my life."

Mary J.​

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